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Robinson Crusoe Island

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We decided to spend the next 2 days on Robinson Crusoe Island chilling out and doing a lot of eating and relaxing by the beach. Jayne, Guro (our norwegian friend) and myself stayed in the tribal dorm which was spacious and pretty much all to ourselves.
The staff on the island were incredible and I made friends with a 19 year old local called Freddie. Last_days_in_Fiji_045.jpg He was absolutely mental and was always bouncing around and telling jokes. He asked me to meet him after lights out for a drink (The islands run on generators so have electricity hours, midnight is when the generators get turned off until morning). I was a little anxious as I hung around the dorm waiting for Freddie to arrive. He appeared out of the darkness and whispered for me to follow him as he dissapeared into the darkness again. I tried to keep an eye on him as we wandered through the darkness of the forest and eventually we cam across an old boat on the beach where he asked me to take a seat. I was nervous sat there in the pitch black with a local guy I had met only hours before on an island in the middle of no where, but hey, this is why I came travelling. To meet locals and experience how they do things. Freddie explained that they were not allowed to drink on the island so as we chatted I poured rum and cokes from a stash I had brought with me. A noise came from a bush and out popped another local called Paul. I was a liitle more nervous now but he was also very friendly so we sat there like naughty children behind the bike sheds until the early hours.
I learnt a lot about them and their villages and even got invited to a local rugby game which was happening in a nearby village the next day. Eventually we ran out of rum and said our goodnights as they walked me back to the dorm.

In the morning we went to freshen up and were greeted by bucket showers, which basically consists of a bucket on a piece of string that you fill up with cold water and hoist it above you. Last_days_in_Fiji_040.jpg It then has a tap on it that you open up to take your rather chilly and invigorating shower! Just make sure you dont get half way through and run out of water when your covered in soap like Jayne did!

The rugby game was really good fun to watch. Mr S and a massive dude in an orange top were the stars of the show. The local children sat and watched Last_days_in_Fiji_030.jpg and I had to laugh when I saw the linesman (or rather 10 yr old boy) had a stick with leaves on it as a flag!
We were the only two white people there and again felt a little uncomfortable as if they were looking at us wondering why we were there. We later found out that they were staring because it was such an honour to have white people there! The locals thought something special was happening and were intrigued about us (especially as Jayne was the only girl there!). They carried on playing until the sun went down, god knows how they could see the ball or who they were passing to as they all wore random Tshirts?!
The boat trip back to the island was good fun and we caught a glimpse of flying fish jumping along side the boat. Another bowl of KAVA and a further night sat in the dark drinking rum ensued.

For our last night in Fiji we invited a few of the locals we'd met to our hotel for a few beers. Mr S and Freddie came along and we spent the night chatting and drinking. He kept thanking us for going to the rugby game and me and Freddie ended up jumpin into the pool.
They said they didnt want to go at the end of the night and we had a tear in our eyes also, they were really great guys and it was so nice to chat to them and learn about them and their culture. I gave Freddie my NY camoflaged baseball cap as a gift and some money for a cab.
It was a nice relaxing end to Fiji and I will truly miss the place. Anybody wondering wether it is worth visiting should get on a plane and just go. The people are amazing, easily the most friendly people I have ever met. Just make sure you talk to the locals and dont just hide behind package trips and it will be a far more enriching experience.
By now though our legs were getting itchy and it was definately time to move on and head to New Zealand for some new adventures and friends.

To sum up Fiji I would say Relaxing, Beautiful, amazingly friendly people, fantastic snorkeling and KAVA!
Bula Vanaka Fiji !!

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so jealous seems like your having a wicked time

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